Teacher 2 Teen

Dear Educator,

With so many gadgets available for our vehicles, it is easy to see how one might become distracted while driving. Moreover, an increase in the number of gadgets increases the risk of injury or even death due to distracted driving.

Teens Drive Smart, a teen driving safety education program presented by Bridgestone, believes that safe driving behaviors are learned years before a driver sits behind the wheel. As an educator, you are in the best possible role to illustrate to students what distracted driving looks like and to start conversations about safe driving practices.

We know you have a limited amount of classroom time, but we believe it is important to make time to discuss the growing epidemic of distracted driving. Consider the alternative: not helping your students understand the perils of distracted driving during their most formative years is a missed opportunity to teach them to make smarter decisions once they have become licensed drivers and beyond.

And we’re hoping to make it even easier for you to introduce this discussion topic into your lesson plans by providing the classroom materials. By helping to educate students about the dangers of distracted driving now, you may help save lives later!

Angela Patterson
Driver Safety Education Director
Bridgestone Americas, Inc.